Delocated's Jon Glaser leads the laughs at a variety show celebrating three seasons

Glaser—in ski mask—hosts Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo and more to cap off the Delocated series finale on Adult Swim.

Jon Glaser

Jon Glaser

With the series finale having already aired on Adult Swim in March, New York fans were looking for a chance to come together to "FRRRT" in unison to honor the great and calamitous weirdness that was Delocated. They got their chance on Friday during the sold-out Delocated Witness Protection Program Variety Hour, starring "Jon" at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. 

Not only did the eternally voice-scrambled and ski-mask-clad "Jon"—attention, Russian mafia: Jon Glaser—emcee the proceedings, but he kicked it off with a ridiculous bang. Sauntering onto the stage in mask, knee socks, a Michigan basketball cap, a "Fuxy" T-shirt (Funny AND Sexy, it read) and a pair of gold, sparkling short shorts, he belted out a simple, repetitive song about partying to a version of the Magnum P.I. theme. "That's how you start a show!" he bragged. "You take a song you love that doesn't have lyrics, and you work on it for three to four months…" (Reportedly, earlier drafts of the lyrics included ideas about having fun and going to the park.)

The rest of the night featured the variety boasted by the title: Fallon writer A.D. Miles got up, in character as "Mike Durfee" from a company called Slides of Life, but because he'd forgotten his slides, he asked the audience to imagine the very specific images he was describing while white light shone through the projector. Burlesque star Angie Pontani completed a routine in a ski mask that matched her slowly disappearing outfit. The ripped Steve Cirbus—who played assassin Sergei Mirminsky on the show—did a quick and aggressive workout to Pantera, which Glaser then (unsuccessfully) tried to replicate.

Part of the evening's grand variety included, unfortunately, sports. Though Glaser kept up an ongoing riff about the Michigan game, even halting the show while asking audience members to continually refresh their phones and shout out any new information about the score, it got old. Glaser remained occupied as Eugene Mirman brought out a series of strange vodkas he'd infused, and made both Glaser and Cirbus guess what they were. Though it was little more than a distraction, it was sad to watch the childlike enthusiasm on Mirman's face slowly go out as Glaser focused more on his phone than "peanut-butter-and-jelly" vodka.

Before Glaser's big musical guests, Yo La Tengo, took the stage, Janeane Garofalo expressed trepidation about closing out the comedy portion. Though she got a big reaction in mentioning the Kardashians and the Armenian Genocide in the same breath, the crowd's response diminished as she went on. As she was leaving, a guy in a leather jacked shouted, "You suck balls!" Though Garofalo sweetly confessed, "I have no comeback other than, 'You just hurt my feelings,'" the crowd turned on the guy. Todd Barry, who had joined the audience after delivering the best set of the night, calmly walked over to give a piece of his mind.

Beyond the opening behind-the-scenes slide show, the evening did not provide many opportunities for the crowd to be nostalgic about Delocated; it was an entertaining mix of acts, nonetheless. As far as the heckler who identified himself as "Steve," and all other Steves who see comedy shows, prepare for the wrath of your fellow audience members and Todd Barry. If you carry on, you may have to join "Jon" in a ski mask.