Discover the best New York summer concerts in this week’s Time Out

The latest issue has everything you need to know about the most important stuff this week, from brunch to radioactive monsters

There are literally hundreds of concerts to see this summer, and if you live in NYC, they're coming right to a backyard near you. The brand-new issue of Time Out New York has all the information you need to get you through the season without missing your favorites, from acts you can't miss at Governors Ball (OutKast, the Strokes and, uh, Diarrhea Planet) to the free shows you should definitely be checking out (hello, 4Knots Music Festival!). SummerStage alone has over 100 free concerts ranging from classical to hip hop—you can see the whole SummerStage 2014 lineup right here. While you're at it, don't forget to check out this week's Sticky-note confessions, in which 28 New Yorkers share the weirdest thing they've seen at a festival.

Also in the issue is the ultimate guide to brunch. No other city on earth does brunch as well as New York (fact!) so we've broken down the rules for brunching like a boss, the best under-the-radar spots, the brunchers you're likely to encounter and a handy chart for deciding on your ultimate brunch cocktail. Feeling hungry yet? Browse our comprehensive list of the 50 best brunch places in NYC, or take our quiz: What kind of bruncher are you?

Elsewhere in the issue, we've got news on the latest crazy development attempting to make Staten Island cool, and our review of monster summer blockbuster Godzilla. (By the way, don't panic—according to the authorities, New York would totally survive an attack by Godzilla. Good to know!)

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