Poll: Do you eat in restaurants that are below an A grade?

Bloomberg advises not to eat in spots that haven't earned top sanitary inspection marks from the NYC Health Department

Image via NYC Gov

Mayor Bloomberg, oft-criticized for his health policies, recently spoke up regarding one of his oft-criticized health policies. This time, Politicker reports, it was his administration's requirement that restaurants publicly post the results of their annual sanitary inspections. The controversial initiative, launched in 2010, led to those prominent letter grades you see at every eatery in town—and much backlash from restaurant owners, who complain that the harsh system can really hurt business.

"Those that don’t want to clean up their kitchen, I know why they’re bitching," said the mayor at a biopharmaceutical awards event last week, "but I would suggest: Don’t eat in a restaurant unless they have an A."

Sixty-nine percent of NYC restaurants received an A during the grading program's first year, according to the Health Department. Readers, do you agree with Bloomberg's comment? How much does a restaurant's sanitary inspection grade affect your choice to eat there? Let us know in the poll below.

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