Dog runs in New York City

Let your pooch run free at one of the city's 50--plus dog runs---here, a few of our favorites, followed by a complete list.

Dogs running in park

Dogs running in park Mimi Cabell

Riverside Park

at 105th St, 87th St and 72nd St ( Daily 7am--10pm.
Each of these three renovated Riverside runs offers large fenced--in areas with an excellent drainage system, shaded benches and great river views. In the summer months, owners at 105th Street can grab a snack at the dog--friendly park caf, while hot hounds can hose off in the fountain at 87th Street.

Sir William's Dog Run

Fort Tryon Park, Margaret Corbin Dr at Fort Washington Ave ( Daily 7am--10pm.
Located in the Gazebo Lawn in the heart of the park, this spacious run--graced with rolling hills--is one of the most picturesque in the city. A rustic gazebo in its center gives owners a spot to socialize while their dogs frolic about.

Tom's Dog Run

Thomas Smith Park/Chelsea Waterside Park, W 24th St at Eleventh Ave ( Daily 7am--1am.
Conveniently located across the street from Chelsea Piers, this athletic pet mecca boasts a unique landscape, replete with artificial hills, boulders and a fallen--tree bridge.

Tompkins Square Park

E 9th St at Ave B ( Daily 9am--9pm.
The first off--leash corral in NYC (founded in the mid--'80s) is still a happening place for canines, thanks to the volunteers that maintain it by regularly filling holes, picking up poop and hauling in fresh chips. The run's other major claim to fame is its annual Halloween costume party for dogs, the largest in the city.

Union Square

15th St at Union Sq West ( Daily 6am--midnight.
Though small in size, its central location makes it well-trod territory (over 1,000 dogs pass through its gates per week!), and a prime place for dogs and owners to ogle other dogs and owners. In 2003, the volunteer organization Friends of Union Square Dog Run revamped the grounds with a new surface, benches and burnished fences. Monthly clean-up sessions ensure that the place stays tidy

For a list of more than 50 additional dog runs throughout the five boroughs, click through to page 2 below. Please note that these bonus runs include address information but no opening hours.

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