East Harlemites are having the most sex, and other frisky findings

HowAboutWe mapped out New York City neighborhoods by their residents' number of partners; see where your nabe stands

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Have you ever wondered where the randiest New Yorkers reside? Here's your answer: HowAboutWe mapped out every neighborhood in the city by level of promiscuity using data from the 2012 NYC Community Health Survey. (Although, hey, guys, there are already lots of Time Out guides to doin' the dirty deed: See this Sex Issue, or here, or here, or…well, you get the idea.)

It turns out East Harlemites are the NYC-ers getting the most action. The survey polled respondents on whether they'd slept with three or more different partners in the last year, and almost one fifth of folks from the north Manhattan 'hood answered positively. On the flip side, only 1.8 percent of folks from Pelham could claim the same. You can see the results on the map above; the darkest areas are the more promiscuous ones.

Check out the complete findings from The Date Report below:

East Harlem (19.6%), northeast Bronx (13.9%), Washington Heights (13.8%), Flushing (12.4%), Staten Island (12.2%), Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights (12.3%), the Rockaways (11.8%), Chelsea/Greenwich Village (11.6%), West Queens (10.3%), Long Island City/Astoria (10.1%), Upper East Side (9.8%), Kingsbridge (9.7%), Williamsburg/Bushwick (9.5%), South Bronx (9.3%), Union Square/lower Manhattan (8.9%), Canarsie (8.3%), Flatbush (7.7%), Coney Island (7.5%), central Harlem (5.9%), southwest Queens (5.7%), Downtown Brooklyn/Heights/Slope (5.6%), Upper West Side (5.5%), Bronx Park (5.2%), Jamaica (4.9%), Bay Ridge (4.15), Forest Hills (3.9%), Littleneck (2.7%), East New York (2.4%), Pelham (1.8%)

(h/t The Date Report)

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