Editor's letter: Why NYC is the greatest city in the world

Our deputy editor defends our reasoning for calling NYC the greatest city in the world—which it obviously is, duh.

Time Out's covers this week feature photos from our Share Your Now contest.

Time Out's covers this week feature photos from our Share Your Now contest.

Hello, and welcome to the issue where we tell you what you instinctively know to be true: that NYC is the greatest city in the world. Across the pond, Time Out London is ineffectually arguing for its hometown’s supremacy, probably spluttering something about the Olympics in the manner of a confused Hugh Grant. We guess there are things to recommend other cities—apparently they can turn right on red in L.A.—but with one fell, capricious swoop, we’ve whittled it down to the city that never sleeps and Londinium.

I’ve been wheeled out as the ex-Londoner (four years) turned New Yorker (five, and yes, that makes me a New Yorker because I say it does), thus categorically establishing me as the ultimate arbiter of this debate. It’s a tough call, but I have to favor my current home—and not only because that Hugh Grant jibe burned my last bridge with Blighty. New York captivates me in a way that London never did. Ever think walking through New York feels like being in a movie? Yeah, that. I’ll wager your impression of NYC differs from mine, but exerts an equally powerful hold.

On our trio of covers this week are the personal interpretations of the city from three talented photographers, winners of our Share Your Now competition. Head to timeout.com/shareyournow to vote for your favorite and browse thousands of gorgeous city shots, then add your voice to the chorus on Twitter with the hashtag #NYCIsTheGreatest.