Edmundo Huerta, 25

West Broadway between W Houston and Prince Sts

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

It takes a real man to wear purple pants.
Yeah, it does. You have to have a little bit of fun. Though I wouldn't wear these pants in Chile.

Is that where you're from?
Yes. I came to New York for a weekend in 2006, and it was so much fun I moved here.

You met someone, didn't you?
[Laughs] Yeah, I did, actually. I came to New York for love.

So one weekend with someone was enough to make you change your entire life?
Yes. And it did change my life: Where I grew up is this tiny little town—it's where Chile's avocados come from. So I went from this little town to this humongous city.

How did you meet?
I like to keep my personal life private. And now that I'm studying acting I have more reason to keep it secret.

Because when you're famous people will pay me for your story?
[Laughs] Imagine if I became famous!

What about acting appeals to you?
It's a way of communicating, a way to tell stories that you can learn life lessons from.

So movies with a moral.
Yes, that really interests me. Even if it's an action movie. Like, Batman had all these internal questions.

What role would you die to play?
Iron Man. Or anything from the Mission: Impossible movies.

I wouldn't have pegged you as an action type. Though I guess the Hulk wore purple pants.
[Laughs] I guess so.


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"My mom sometimes calls me Mundo: 'World.' Oh, and this girl I met in Miami thought I introduced myself as El Mundo. So that's what she's called me ever since."

"I'm planning to go see the Van Gogh exhibition at MoMA. The way he painted...I just love it. I always remember one of the sunflower paintings. It's the one that my grandmother really loved."

Edmundo says: "I practiced tae kwon do for 17 years. I'm a third-degree black belt. I could jump over three people and break three boards with my feet. I competed internationally. Then I had this transition when I started practicing yoga. The first day I did it, I knew I'd do it the rest of my life."