@ElBloombito on Bloomberg's latest Spanish gaffe and imminent departure

In light of the comments, we look at our fave tweets from parody Twitter profile, Miguel Bloombito (@ElBloombito)

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Ever-candid Mayor Bloomberg had some harsh words this morning for haters of his—we’ll go with “amateur”—Spanish skills. On his weekly radio show, he joked about hoping to improve both his golf swing and his Spanish fluency, adding, “And these people that make fun of me.… You wonder, why don’t they just get a life?”

One critic that he may have had in mind was @ElBloombito, a parody Twitter profile run by Rachel Figueroa-Levin, local blogger, columnist and master of the comedic tweet. The hilarious Figueroa-Levin, as Miguel Bloombito, tweets out Spanglish remarks that encapsulate our soon-to-be-ex-mayor’s lacking language skills along with his, er, high level of confidence.

She told Time Out, “Part of the reason it’s so popular is that it’s not really about his Spanish skills as much as it’s about his ego. A lot of things would still be funny in English. It’s making fun of the way he treats people based on how he treats himself.”

@ElBloombito has over 78,000 followers on Twitter, which Figueroa-Levin still finds surprising, considering that “it’s all really so silly.” With the real Bloomberg on the way out, she’s unsure whether Bloombito will keep tweeting: “I guess I’ll have to see what happens. [Bloomberg has] been mayor for so long, it’s like Stockholm syndrome. I’m starting to like the guy.”

Even if the Spanglish-speaking parody departs when the real mayor does, you can still enjoy Figueroa-Levin’s humor on her real-person Twitter @jewyorican or her newest comedic account, @EveryGentrifier (self-explanatory, right?).

Her response to today’s mayoral criticism? “I didn’t feel personally offended. I’m not the first person to make fun of this guy, and I’m not gonna be the last.”

Check out some of our favorite @ElBloombito tweets embedded below.

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