Explore the art of the pizza box at a Dumbo gallery (slide show)

Scott Wiener, a self-described pizza tour guide, is displaying a small portion of his collection of quirky, decorated boxes

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

  • Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

Photograph courtesy Scott Wiener

Chances are, no matter how much you love a good slice, you’re not as obsessed with pizza as Scott Wiener is; the pizza tour guide is the Guinness World Record holder for owner of the most pizza boxes. These cartons, however, are not your average Domino's delivery receptacles—instead, they're artifacts of pizza-loving cultures from around the globe. Now, you can see some of Wiener’s favorite boxes on display at the Melville House Gallery/Bookstore in Dumbo.

Wiener has operated a tour company, Scott Pizza Tours, since 2008; he started it because he "was really into pizza," as he explains over the phone. After touring the country as part of a band, a time when he tried local pies from many different cities, he set up shop in New York. His profession has allowed him to easily—and cheaply—acquire his collection of 650 boxes. "Most were given to me as gifts from people who have taken the tour and from friends who traveled," says Wiener. "About 95 percent are virgin boxes that were never used."

The collection, which Wiener stores in his Bed-Stuy apartment, consists of boxes from 45 different countries, including six from Kazakhstan and an unlicensed Simpsons one from the Netherlands. "I think I blacked out," recalls Wiener of the first time he saw the Simpsons container, while he was visiting Amsterdam.

The Simpsons box is one of the awesome designs currently on display; the show includes pieces with art by Ed Hardy, Luca Ciancio and Domino's Japan. Click through some of Wiener's prized boxes in the slide show above, or go see the colorful cartons in person. The exhibit runs until March 28. And if the 12 on view at the gallery only begin to pique your interest, you can check out more of Wiener’s collection in his book, Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box.

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