Familiarize yourself with the zebu—a tiny breed of cattle—at the Prospect Park Zoo

The Brooklyn zoo welcomes two miniature zebus, which are among the oldest and smallest breeds of cattle out there. Awww.

Minitature zebus at the Prospect Park Zoo

Minitature zebus at the Prospect Park Zoo Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

There must be something to the old adage that more animls are born in spring: In the past couple months, there's been an influx of wee critters at NYC zoos, including baby snow leopards, red-panda cubs and a two-year-old bear named Bouba. (Well, to be fair, Bouba moved here from France.)

Now, another tiny twosome has arrived at the Prospect Park Zoo: Two zebus—which are among the oldest and smallest breeds of cattle, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society—are hanging out in the Brooklyn zoo's barn, along with some goats, turkeys, miniature horses and other barnyard pals. The zebus, both of which are less than a year old, may not be the most viral-friendly animals, but we still think they're pretty cute.

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