Find love (well…maybe) in Times Square this month

A Valentine's Day–themed installation might just help you find the one—and if not, at least it looks kind of cool

Rendering of the Match-Maker by Young Projects

Rendering of the Match-Maker by Young Projects Photograph: Courtesy Young Projects

The phrase Times Square Valentine's Day is one that's guaranteed to elicit strong responses (oh, who are we kidding, probably negative ones) in most New Yorkers. If you're one of the few who gets the warm fuzzies, then we've got good news: For the sixth year running, the Times Square Alliance has selected a lovey-dovey art installation to be installed smack dab in the middle of the tourist-filled area, beginning February 10.

The winning piece is called Match-Maker, by Brooklyn design firm Young Projects. Assembled from aluminium tubes, the sculpture is meant to look like a heart from some angles, and a tangle of materials from other—but the idea is that it'll help New Yorkers connect to one another. Here's what the designers have to say about their creation:

Guided by their zodiac signs, visitors arrange themselves at 12 points around the heart-shaped sculpture. Peering through colorful, interwoven periscopes provides glimpses of each viewer's four most ideal astrological mates, offering potentially novel connections between lonely souls or settled lovers.

All righty then. There's also more information on a Kickstarter page that Young Projects started to help furnish the installation.

If you want to check it out, the piece will be in display from February 10 through March, and it'll be at Father Duffy Square between 46th and 47th Streets. (We doubt you'll be able to miss it.)

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