Find out how dirty your local chain supermarket is

Prepare to be grossed out by this interactive map—searchable by zip code or address—showing New York City grocers' health code violations.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Jay Muhlin

In today's disgusting-but-probably-vital news, here is a searchable database that allows you to see your neighborhood supermarket's health code violations. To create the interactive map, The New York World compiled New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets reports for NYC grocers from the last five years. Stores are ranked by their number of "critical deficiences," or issues deemed to be “an immediate threat to the public health and welfare”—such as rat droppings, mouse carcasses, live vermin, foods not stored at proper temperatures and poultry grinders coated with old meat. Ewww!

Surprisingly enough, Garden of Eden on upscale Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights was the worst offender for July 2012–July 2013. However, the analysis also lets users see if conditions worsen or improve over the year, and the shop had no major infractions in its latest inspection. Whole Foods was also shockingly unclean, its UWS location racking up 12 critical deficiencies in that time frame. On the bright side, Trader Joe's is one of the cleanest grocery chains in town, only scoring one serious issue at its Flatiron location since 2008. Also, the number of violations in New York City has nearly halved since 2008.

Since the analysis only includes chain supermarkets, your go-to shop might not be listed. If you can handle it, find out where your local grocery store ranks via The New York World's map.

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