Find out how long you're likely to wait for your subway

The Subways Data Project, an interactive visualization app, uses MTA data to depict a train’s likelihood of being on time.

Screenshot via Subways Data Project

Platform whining and drunken debates with your friends over whose subway line is the worst can end now, thanks to the Subways Data Project. The impressive app puts what it really means to wait for your train into visual form; to create it, analytics grad student Michael Vanger used "wait assessments," public data released by the MTA that records the percentage of trains—by subway line—that show up on time.

Vanger, a student at Northwestern University, tracked those metrics and put them into easy-to-grasp charts. Good news: Train timeliness has been steadily improving over the last four years, when the tracking began. Still, a train's adherence to its schedule varies wildly by line. Check out a screenshot of the much-reviled, surprisingly punctual G train above, and be sure to take a look at the well-designed app for info on your own line.

(h/t The Atlantic Cities)

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