Find out how many people have died in your home

For anyone looking for a way to freak out their roommate, the handy Died in House website tracks deaths by address

Photograph: Ed Glazar

Well, this is creepy—a website has surfaced that will tell you how many people have died in your home. What's more, Died in House will tell you exactly how they passed away. TMI, perhaps? The site justifies its inquisitiveness with the importance of knowing your property value…and being informed on paranormal activity within your residence. Huh.

So how does it work? For just $11.99, you can submit your address—whether you're an owner or renter—and learn if a death took place in the property, when and how it happened (accident, suicide, murder et al.). What do you think: Is this information you'd like to be aware of, or is ignorance bliss? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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