Find out what will happen in NYC in 2013 (maybe), thanks to astrology

DNA Info and Gotham asked an astrologer and a psychic, respectively, to predict what will happen in New York in 2013. The answers may surprise you! (Or maybe not.)

We had no sooner finished reading a billion end-of-2012 best-of lists than even more lists of predictions for 2013 started appearing everywhere. But some outlets—specifically, DNA Info and Gotham—took their forecasting a step further: The former asked Shelley Ackerman, a professional astrologist (she's appeared on Oprah, among other outlets), to consult the stars and ascertain New York City's fate in 2013, while the latter asked Thomas John, a medium, to look into NYC's future.

So whose predictions seem more accurate? It's hard to say: Ackerman sticks to vague platitudes about the mayoral race, baseball season, restaurant openings and the city's post-Sandy infrastructure. Pluto, for example, is cited as the reason why NYC should improve its framework—apparently the planet's presence indicates activity underground—but that's a pretty "well, duh," point. Meanwhile, John makes several concrete predictions, among them that Anthony Weiner will run for mayor; that the Yankees will win the World Series; and that Gov. Cuomo will marry his longtime partner, Food Network personality Sandra Lee. (Eek.)

Obviously, only time will tell if this prognosticating is accurate. We're admittedly skeptical about the whole process, but hey, who knows?