Five things we learned at the Larry David–David Steinberg conversation at the New York Comedy Festival

The Curb Your Enthusiasm curmudgeon talked with a frequent Curb and Seinfeld director about origin stories, and the overlap between fiction and reality

Larry David

Larry David Photograph: Courtesy the New York Comedy Festival

The equal-billing New York Comedy Festival “conversation” rightfully ended up as an interview with/personality showcase of the Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind. Here's what we found out:

Curb was originally a one-hour special. Following the conclusion of Seinfeld, David hadn’t been on a stand-up stage in ten years. Office neighbor Jeff Garlin convinced him to film the process of putting a set together; the mockumentary footage between shows evolved into a series.

Newman could’ve been David in an alternate reality. “My mother wanted me to be a mailman. That was her best-case scenario,” said David. After he flunked the civil-service test, he drove cabs, was a private chauffer and took an acting class in which he was encouraged to try stand-up. He subsequently visited the Improv, where he approached founder Budd Friedman and asked to go up in the middle of a show. (Friedman understandably declined.)

The Seinfeld episode where George yells at his boss and quits his job, then shows back up to the staff meeting on Monday? David actually did that when he worked at Saturday Night Live. And it was his neighbor, the real-life Kramer, who convinced him to do so.

Still no word on whether Curb will return for a ninth season. When asked point-blank, David demurred, “Eh, that’s what you call opening a can of worms.…”

But David is currently writing a play. “So hopefully that’ll get done. That’ll be fun.”

Make that item six: Larry David is looking forward to something fun.

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