Flesh direct

Screw Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. We asked real TONY readers to get naked-and then had them art-direct their photo shoots. Here's what they thought would turn you on.

Soo Kim

22, Corona, Queens; coordinator for an event-planning company

Photograph: Ryan Pfluger

“I wanted to be doing routine things in my picture, like putting on makeup or sitting naked on the toilet. I saw an aerial shot of that in Sex and Lucia once, and it looked cool. I just graduated from Rutgers, and I’m completely bored with life. I’m trying to find my kicks doing random, impulsive things. So it was either this or get a huge tiger tattoo from my armpit to my hip. I figure taking naked pictures would be cheaper and I’d regret it less.”

“I still live at home. My mom and I used to walk around naked all the time—it was no big deal. Me and my father had a wonderful relationship until I hit puberty; now he doesn’t know how to interact with me. If my parents saw this, I’d be kinda dead.”

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