Flesh direct

Screw Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. We asked real TONY readers to get naked-and then had them art-direct their photo shoots. Here's what they thought would turn you on.

Dr. Arnold Plotnick

48, West Village; cat veterinarian

Photograph: Ryan Pfluger

“I own a cat hospital, Manhattan Cat Specialists, on the Upper West Side. I wanted to raise awareness that cats shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens of the pet world. Dogs get all the attention in New York because they are much more visible. Cats don’t get the same level of care, and that just isn’t right. I wanted to expose the naked truth.”

“This is very out of character for me, a bit risqué and possibly bordering on unprofessional. But it gets the point across. Oh, hang on, I’ve gotta go. Emergency—a client’s cat was just attacked by a dog!”

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