Flesh direct

Screw Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. We asked real TONY readers to get naked-and then had them art-direct their photo shoots. Here's what they thought would turn you on.

Kelly Rugar

25, Crown Heights, Brooklyn; record-store employee, FIT student

Photograph: Ruvan Wijesooriya

“I’m from a small farming town in Connecticut, but friends know I’ve got a wild spirit. This won’t surprise them. I do worry that some people are gonna see me and think it gives them the right to make disgusting comments. There are some really crazy, old-time New Yorkers that come in the record store. They better watch their freakin’ mouths. I’ve never hit anyone before, but I’ll punch ’em with my baby fist!”

Want to see more readers naked? Vote on these exhibitionist hopefuls and we'll strip down the winners you choose for a pictorial in a few weeks.

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