Fourteen cute candidates for a #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck

The actor-director will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, out in 2015; the Internet does not approve.

When the sequel to this year's Man of Steel is released in 2015, it'll feature a new Batman: Ben Affleck has been tapped to play the Dark Knight in the new flick. Not surprisingly, Batman geeks and pop-culture enthusiasts took to the Internet to express their feelings—mostly disapproval, from what we saw—and make snarky references to Gigli (come on, guys, it's been a decade, let's move on).

Our colleagues at Time Out London took the liberty of collecting some tweets suggesting possible better candidates for the role than Affleck; all we'll say is, we'd pay good money to see a cat version of Batman. (Catman?)

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