Frat bars

Places where you can guzzle booze, play beer pong, dance on the bar-and fit in.

Red Rock West

Red Rock West Photograph: Dave Sanders

Hot chicks dancing on the bar, please

Red Rock West

Within ten minutes, the bartender had sat on my face, and I’d had Bacardi poured down my throat as a reward for correctly answering a question about using lemon rinds in place of diaphragms. Oh, I almost forgot—one of the patrons had also jumped on the bar and was rubbing her bare chest in our faces. This all happened around 7pm; the guy next to us said that it really heats up later in the night. 457 W 17th St at Tenth Ave (212-366-5359)

Bar None
Bar None

Photograph: Josh Pestka


Bar None

If beer pong (or, for you un-PC players, beirut) isn’t enough to draw hordes of college kids in, Bar None’s proximity to many NYU dorms does the job. To boot, it boasts righteous prices on brain-cell–killing beverages like the Redneck Picnic (a shot of Jim or Jack and a can of Bud for $6). All this animal house needs is Otis Day and the Knights. 98 Third Ave between 12th and 13th Sts (212-777-6663)

Kegger for oldies!!

George Keeley

If you recently got the memo that mature and responsible college grads aren’t supposed to drink copious amounts of cheap beer, pull up a chair here. Fool all the squares (“No, of course I don’t black out anymore, Mom”) by imbibing a high-alcohol-content Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA or Delirium Tremens while listening to highbrow tunes (Arcade Fire, Destroyer) alongside other “mature and responsible” postgrads. You can still play Golden Tee in the back if you feel out of your element. 485 Amsterdam Ave between 83rd and 84th Sts (212-873-0251)

Dude, I can’t miss the game


One Hideki Matsui may not be enough. No, we’re not talking about the Yankees’ crappy season, we’re talking about watching them on a gazillion screens at once. Be warned, though: Once football season kicks in, Blondie’s is crazier than a guy who wears a Skins jersey into Giants Stadium (even for a Jets game). 212 W 79th St between Amsterdam Ave and Broadway (212-362-4360); 1770 Second Ave between 92nd and 93rd Sts (212-410-3300)

Tortilla Flats
Tortilla Flats

Photograph: Dave Sanders

I just want to get laid

Tortilla Flats

There hasn’t been a better girl-to-guy ratio on a Saturday night in New York City since the last Chapin School dance. Yes, the margaritas are expensive ($35 for a pitcher; $5 off 4–7pm), but they are potent, and if you can formulate a semicoherent sentence by the end of the night, you might get lucky. 767 Washington St at 12th St (212-243-1053)

I just want to get drunk


Wednesday night. All-you-can-drink Bud, Bud Light, Red Wolf and mixed well drinks: $15 (10pm–1am). That will be all. 221 Second Ave between 13th and 14th Sts (212-677-2655)

—Colin St. John