Glamorous camping (do we HAVE to call it glamping?) is on its way to Rockaway Beach

Camping isn't just something that happens in Appalachian children's summer camps

Get your s’mores recipe fine-tuned, because we’re headed for some serious campfire action. Camp Rockaway, headed by NYC designer Kent Johnson, is an organization that aims to build a luxurious, landscaped campground overlooking Jamaica Bay by 2015. The camp—inspired by the Rockaway beach-bum tent colonies of the early 20th century—is intended to help the area recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Of course, this is New York, so flimsy tarps and lousy sleeping bags will not cut it. Instead, Camp Rockaway will feature safari-style tents, queen-size beds furnished with crisp linens and blankets, and even hot tubs. The accommodations—which organizers promise will be comparable to a midtown five-star hotel—will be balanced with more rustic touches like fire pits and lanterns (to serve as a reminder that you are, in fact, in nature—or as close as New Yorkers like to get to nature, anyway).

In order to construct this glamorous campsite, Johnson has taken to Kickstarter in hopes of raising the required $50K. Those who pledge will receive gifts, from Camp Rockaway friendship bracelets (for a $25 donation) to a private stay for 20 friends ($3,000). Funds that don’t go toward helping with city documents and approvals will be donated to the mentoring program Stoked, which will provide kids with stays at the camp. At time of writing, the project has 47 backers, but is still $45,000 shy of its goal with 25 days left, so if you want this paradisiacal outdoor experience realized, it’s time to get pledging.