Go it alone

Whether your friends ditched you for the Hamptons, you're freshly single or you just need some time with yourself, here are strategies for savoring the city solo.

Moses Mountain

Moses Mountain

  • Alone day 1, day of Zen: You're seeking tranquility and don't want to see another soul.
  • Day of Zen music mix: including Tom Waits and Soul Coughing.
  • Alone day 2, post-breakup: You've been dumped and aren't in the mood for your friends' pity.
  • Breakup music mix: including The Smiths and Elliott Smith.
  • Alone day 3, the Hamptons abandonment: Your friends are living it up on Long Island while you're stuck here.
  • Alone day 4, day of veg: You're lazy and don't want to leave the house.
  • Home alone music mix: Including The Walkmen and Mika.
  • Could-see TV: Perfect boob tube fare for those wake-up-at-noon-and-do-nothing Sundays.
  • Whee, myself and I: For more satisfying solo missions, hit up these singles spots. Includes online bonus content.
  • Mr. Lonely: One man gives himself the silent treatment.
  • Portraits of alone: TONY staffers offer their encomiums to solitude.
  • Back the #@% off!: Someone all up in your grill? Here’s how to get your personal space back, with tips from the pros.
  • Self-helpers: You’ll never see these workers at the watercooler—we find out how they feel about hitting the grindstone alone.
  • What is the loneliest job?: A TONY poll.

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  • Staycations 2007: Seven weekend getaways...without the getting away part.
  • Underground arts: In an era when every no-talent clod is seeking his 15 minutes, we highlight the creative minds of the underground.