Goodbye, top hat? Monopoly changes up its pieces

The classic game gets a refresh with one token going down for the count and a new one taking its place.

Monopoly pieces

Monopoly pieces

If you played Monopoly as a kid, chances are you had a favorite talisman and were willing to throw down if anyone else tried to snatch it. Well, consider this the ultimate battle royal: Hasbro has decided to retire one of the iconic pieces (officially called "tokens," apparently), and it's up to you to save your favorite. You can vote on Facebook, as well as Twitter, where you can hashtag your two cents with #tokenvote.

The good news is that some of the options for newbie tokens are pretty kick-ass: Senior editor Amy favors the cat shown above, while I'd be happy with the guitar or robot. And if all else fails, you can try scouting out your erstwhile fave at one of the local NYC bars with board games.

What say you all? Which piece would you rescue, and which would you be okay with banishing? Do you like any of the replacement options? Weigh in below.