Google glass is going on tour across the U.S.

The device, set to arrive on the market later this year, is hitting the road so that consumers can test-drive the smart-specs.

Photograph: Antonio Zugaldia/Wikimedia Commons

The Google news today doesn’t stop with the Internet giant’s 15th birthday. The tech company's much-anticipated smart-specs, Google Glass, are going on tour as early as next month. Though only a select few people have had the chance to try out the wearable technology so far, just about anyone will be able to give them a whirl soon, as Glass is coming to cities around the U.S.—beginning with Durham, North Carolina, on October 5.

Further tour dates have yet to be announced, but we're sure New York ain't far. In addition to trying on the $1,500 technology—they're computer eyeglasses that can take photos, chat online, get directions, record video and, you know, google stuff—you'll be able to chat with and ask questions of the Glass team. (We want to know—will the specs have a Subway Scan?) Keep checking Google+ for more cities as they're announced, and we'll be sure to keep you posted too.

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