Great rides

The best bike paths through the city.

Yesterday, I was almost hit by a cab while on my bike, thinking about this bike guide. Granted, I maaaay have sped through the intersection when the traffic light was yellow, but the cabbie pushed forward recklessly too, before his light turned green. When he hit the brakes, tires screeching, we locked eyes. There was swearing.There were hand gestures. Then we each moved on.

The moral of this story? Besides the obvious, which is “ride safe” and “bikers and cabbies just don’t get along”? The moral is that riding through New York, you’re constantly reminded you’re riding through New York. Your thoughts may wander, you may get distracted, but one minute later, someone opens their car door or—conversely—you’re struck by a beautiful view of the Hudson. The city is a physical object—treacherous, but waiting to be covered and conquered.

At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m going a mean 12mph.

The next few pages feature four tours of New York, offering terrific views, with a few rough patches for fun. We also cover bike shops and community rides, like the Five Boro. Our goal is to celebrate the city as a bikeable landscape. See you there—and bring your helmets.

Michael Freidson
Editor, Time Out New York

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