Heads up: The MTA is totally messed up this weekend

Are you trying to leave your neighborhood in the next few days? Good luck.

You won't be taking one of these this weekend, probably.

You won't be taking one of these this weekend, probably.

If you had plans to do, well, anything that involves traveling by subway, it may be time to reconsider: According to DNAInfo, there will be service disruption on 14 (!) subway lines this weekend. Fantastic! The MTA's Weekender has a rundown of all the changes and the various ways you can maneuver around them—shuttle buses and the like—but with this many, it's almost like, Why even bother?

This is as good a time as any to look at a report that the Atlantic Wire recently linked to, which crunched the numbers to determine which subway line is the worst. The sampling was small, comparing issues on the B, F, G, L and Q trains. And no, G-train haters, the unfairly maligned Brooklyn-Queens connector didn't perform the worst: The F received that distinction, with the most delays and reroutes. We live off the F and can vouch for this.

So! Now that we're all bummed out about our collective inability to get around this weekend, what should we do instead? Well, you could find cool things to do in your neighborhood; or you could just curl up on your couch with these classic books about NYC; or watch one of our favorite New York-set movies.