Heads-up: The subway fare increase kicks in on Sunday

The base price goes up to $2.50, along with increases on unlimited MetroCards, single-fare rides and more.

The day has finally arrived: The MTA's most recent fare hike, which was approved in December, will go into effect at midnight on Sunday, March 3. Under the plan, the base fare for a subway ride will increase by a quarter, going up to $2.50. (Single-fare rides, however, will increase to $2.75.) Also, if you purchase a new MetroCard after March 3, a $1 surcharge will be added—presumably to encourage straphangers to refill their cards, rather than constantly discarding and buying new ones. On the bright side, if you add $5 or more to a card, you'll get a pay-per-ride bonus of 5 percent. Yay?

And yes, there will be changes to unlimited MetroCards: 30-day passes will now be $112, and seven-day passes go up to $30. The MTA's website has a more thorough breakdown of the increases—which also apply to tolls on bridges and tunnels, and NYC buses—along with info for riders to potentially save some dough (mostly through cost-per-ride breakdowns of the various unilimited cards). Another way to penny-pinch: Get a bike, ride the subway less! (We kid. Sort of.)

Want to see how subway fares have increased since the system launched in 1904? We highly recommend this piece on the Awl, fittingly titled "How Much More Does Taking the Subway Cost Today?"