Help bring a honest-to-God shuffleboard club to Brooklyn

Royal Palms Shuffleboard has launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds for the kitschy Gowanus bar, set to open this fall.

The Royal Palms Legacy Pin, center, is one Kickstarter reward.

The Royal Palms Legacy Pin, center, is one Kickstarter reward. Photograph: Courtesy Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

Ah, shuffleboard. A lonely man's game. Or was that solitaire? No, no wait…. Shuffleboard isn't lonely at all; it's the sport of both kings and retired grandparents! And Kings County, apparently. Royal Palms Shuffleboard, a bar slated to open in Gowanus this fall, has launched a Kickstarter to help finance the dream of bringing organized shuffleboard to Brooklyn. The money being raised will go toward laying the lanes themselves, which seems like an important component. If all goes as planned, Royal Palms will open with a 60-team tournament to determine Brooklyn's most powerful shuffleboarders. (The New York battlefield of the future didn't end up looking much like The Warriors after all.) To see this dystopian young person's retirement community come to fruition, the Royal Palms is trying to raise just over $20,000 by October 25.

The lower-level donation swag is a mix of commemorative pins, drinks, tickets and free shuffleboard. A $50 contribution will get you a ticket to the exclusive pre-party; $300 a limited-edition "buggy whip tang" (the cue the pros use); $1,500 will see your name emblazoned on a bathroom stall (although it might be cheaper to just bring a marker in with you); and $2,500 gets you naming rights to your own signature cocktail.

A more detailed prize breakdown can be found on the Kickstarter page, along with a video showing the space and sharing the vision. However the fund-raising goes, we can be sure of one thing: There will be no dawn for bowling. 

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