Help Front Street businesses recover post-Sandy

Nine shops and eateries shuttered by October’s hurricane have joined forces to get back on their feet.

South Street Seaport Museum

South Street Seaport Museum Photograph: Andrew Hinderaker

South Street Seaport was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Sandy; lots of businesses there sustained considerable damage, and remain closed. But a cadre of retailers on Sandy-pummeled Front Street are taking matters into their own hands. Nine stores and restaurants—including Nelson Blue, Il Brigante, Jack’s Coffee and dog-grooming spot The Salty Paw—have pooled their efforts, launching a fund-raising campaign via Lucky Ant. Through February 14, you can either donate to the entire collective or purchase gift certificates for individual businesses, which you can redeem once the spots are back up and running. Here’s hoping that this historic, tourist-friendly block will be restored to its former glory come the spring thaw—or maybe even sooner.