Help plan the location of cab stands for NYC’s new green Boro Taxi

Cast your vote on the potential locations for these taxi stands, which will service the fleet of 1,000 apple-green outer-borough cabs

Bloomberg tests out the new Boro Taxi

Bloomberg tests out the new Boro Taxi Photograph: Spencer T. Tucker

Have you taken a ride in a Boro Taxi yet? According to a release from the Mayor's Office, Bloomberg's administration has deployed 1,000 of the chartreuse-colored vehicles since August, and their sole purpose is to serve cab-starved neighborhoods: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and northern Manhattan. But don't try to hail one at any airport and in Manhattan below East 96th or West 110th Street—they're banned from pickups in yellow-cab territory. Otherwise, they're identical to their lemon-hued compatriots (same price, GPS system, etc.).

A map released by the city (via The New York Times) shows that of the 285,000 rides taken so far, most are in the areas adjacent to Manhattan—the Bronx, Harlem, eastern Queens and Brooklyn—but become few and far between in the outer parts of the outer boroughs (and even more rare in Staten Island). Now that the service is expanding—the city has already sold 6,000 more permits—it's seeking public input as to where the taxi stands should be located.

Cast your vote on the Boro Taxi website. New Yorkers can add a pin to the map with a note on why they want that location and what time of day would be most useful.

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