Help the Food Bank for New York City by watching this (video)

Toyota has partnered with the charity organization to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy—and your eyeballs can help.

Meals Per Hour

Meals Per Hour Photograph: Courtesy of Supermarché

New York may be a city that operates on speed, but for many affected by Hurricane Sandy, the trudge to recovery has been achingly slow. To help aid families more quickly, Toyota has partnered up with Metro World Child, a member agency of Food Bank for New York City, to help make their meal-delivery system more efficient. The number of meals delivered hourly has increased 18-fold, meal-assembly time has significantly decreased, and the number of volunteers needed is nearly half of what it used to be.
Factor another quick number in there: six minutes and 22 seconds, the time it takes for you to help donate a meal to New York families in need. For each viewing of "Meals Per Hour," a short documentary about the project (directed by Rel Schulman and Henry Joost of Catfish fame), Toyota has pledged to donate another meal for families still feeling Sandy's impact. Thanks to an explosion of online views, there have been more than 1 million meals given out on the company’s tab to date, including 250,000 donated before the film had debuted.

Check it out—Toyota will contribute up to 1.25 million meals through July 19.

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