Here's everything you need to celebrate 4/20 in NYC

You've got the munchies—we've got the snacks, plus tasty tunes galore

The observant among you may have noticed that this year, stoner holiday 4/20 falls on the same day as Easter Sunday—divine coincidence? For those whose idea of bliss is getting blazed and eating a ton of chocolate, quite possibly so.

It is without judgement then (okay, a little bit of judgement if you own a lighter with a cannabis leaf on it) that we offer you our essential guide to celebrating this year's 4/20.

To set the mood: Get your ears around our list of the best stoner songs, featuring tracks by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nick Drake and Outkast, along with our pick of anti-weed anthems (yes, they do exist, and yes, they're surprisingly cool).

Next, make your action plan: Okay, so maybe there won't be a ton of action, but if you'd like to spend 4/20 somewhere other than on your sofa, check out our suggestions for combining the stoner holiday with Easter Sunday in our Holiday showdown: Easter versus 4/20.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for: Munchies: The ultimate guide to stoner snacks in NYC. Behold! The Mexi-max hot dog! Buffalo skate wings! The raspberry-sriracha doughut!

That's right: Raspberry-sriracha doughut. Now that's a habit we'd like to get into.


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