Here's how much you might pay to ride the subway in 2023

Straphangers released a report today projecting what subway fares might be in a decade—and it's a doozy.

Not too long ago, the MTA announced that in addition to the latest subway fare hike, which went into effect earlier this year, there would be additional increases in subway and bus fares, as well as tolls, in 2015 and 2017. Awesome.

But wait, there's more: The transit advocates at Straphangers asked the New York City Independent Budget Office to predict how much subway fares might cost in a decade, and its findings are pretty intense. According to the IBO, subway fares could be 50 percent higher in ten years' time, and the base fare for one ride could go as high as $2.75. A weekly unlimited MetroCard could cost $45, and the monthly unlimited card could be as much as $168 by 2023. And then there's this: "The MTA fare hikes would be significantly greater than fare hikes set at the rate of inflation, which the IBO projected to be 2.7 percent per year through 2023."

Yikes, right? But one thing to keep in mind: These predictions were made with the most recent fare hikes (of 8.4 percent increases) serving as the jumping-off point. As the report notes, "MTA officials said that the actual amount of increase would be decided at the time of MTA fare increase hearings and would depend on the agency’s overall finances." So maybe it won't be so bad after all? (Ha.)

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