House parties!

Just wanna chill at a friend's house this NYE? Well, here you go: Three new pals invite you to their private parties.

Lindsay Goodman, 28, marketing manager at a book publisher, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Why my party will rock: “My boyfriend and I always host a dinner party on New Year’s Eve. I’m half Italian and half Jewish—I was put on this earth to feed people. We have a 'Lindsagna’ that is so good, it’s soon to be trademarked. We eat too much and probably drink too much, and go out to see the fireworks at midnight. One year, we wound up with more empty wine bottles than the number of people we’d had over. I believe that was the same year we all got on top of the table and chairs and danced to Journey’s 'Don’t Stop Believin’.’?”
Wanna party with Lindsay? E-mail for details.

Angela Bruno, 26, editor, Jersey City

Why my party will rock: “So this year, my roommate and I decided to host our own thing. We live in a smallish apartment, but we’ve got a sizable dance floor. The vibe will be everyone wanting to get their dance on or their drink on or their mingle on. Anything goes. Champagne toast, pasta and baked goods will be included. Cocktail attire may be mandatory, so you can actually feel like you’ve dressed up to kick off ’09.”
Wanna party with Angela? E-mail for details.

Sean Bryant Dunn, 36, engineer/heavy-metal bassist, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Why my party will rock: “When it comes to New Year’s Eve, there is only one party that everyone should consider, and that is the one that I will be my pants.”
Wanna party with Sean? Really? Okaaay. E-mail for details.

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House parties!

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