How about a quickie?

We challenged local erotica writers (plus a few folks in decidedly nonerotic professions) to turn us on in ten words or fewer. Or in haiku form. Or senryu. Whatever, we're easy.

“Insistent fingers, throbbing nipple, knife’s edge. Breathing ceases.”
—Tess Danesi, erotic blogger (

“Your tongue in my crease / Soft fingers pinching my thighs / Insert now, I plead.”
—Twanna Hines, blogger and self-described “sexpot” (

“Is there a reason your hands aren’t in my pants?”
—Molly St. Michael, erotic poet (

“Black panties asphyxiate/Elevate/Intoxicate and rule my space.”
—Mo Beasley, founder of monthly performance series UrbanErotika at the Bowery Poetry Club

“Prostrate, genuflect, he feeds on her flesh. She is insatiable.”
—M. David Hornbuckle, author of The Salvation of Billy Wayne Carter

“Sesquipedalian? Trysting with a logophile may prove ineffable.”
—Jennifer Dziura, cohost of the NYC Spelling Bee at Housing Works Bookstore Café

“Stick. Slide. Suck. Swallow. Rinse. Repeat.”
—Jamye Waxman, author of Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation

“I don’t talk religion, but have you ever worshiped a goddess?”
—Abiola Abrams, TV personality, self-proclaimed “Goddess of Love” and author of Dare


“I can’t wait to put your dick in my mouth.”
—Various members of Playgirl editorial staff

“I love being kissed, having my mouth held, controlled, possessed.”
—Nix Nepenthe, model specializing in bondage, fetish, BDSM, spanking, tickling and wrestling (

“Hand buried in hair, controlling, forcing, taking… Eyes warm, happy.”
—Dov, artist, Japanese rope-bondage and single-tail-whip fanatic (

“Sex is uncomfortable and the tables at Applebee’s are unstable.”
—Megan Ganz, coeditor of The Onion

“I whimpered, but he pressed on, grabbing my hips.”
—Wendy Blackheart, sex blogger and anal-play enthusiast (

“Fingertips gently caressing. Warm breath in ear. Mortgage paid off.”
—Chip Rowe, senior editor at Playboy

“You can explore every hole on my body!”
—Riskay, writer-performer of the hit YouTube song “Smell Yo Dick”

“I floss my teeth / With your ass hair / But you still want me / To tell you I love you.”
—Tsaurah Litzky, author of erotic novella The Motion of the Ocean

“The anal sphincter may rhythmically open and close during orgasm.”
—Mary Roach, author of Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

“Rent-stabilized 2,000-square-foot apartment in the Village available.”
—Carmela Ciuraru, contributor to Playboy