How Sex ruined New York City

The TONY list of what you can officially blame on SATC

1. The douchification of the Meatpacking District and the West Village
Maybe it was bound to happen due to the economic surpluses of pre-2001, but those surpluses allowed Samantha Jones to move to Meatpacking and Carrie and Miranda to stuff their faces with Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and tromp around the West Village. With the ladies of SATC came careening tour buses, gaggles of fratboys puking outside Hogs & Heifers and rows of women linked at the elbows mowing down pedestrians. Now this part of town is sealed off from the rest of the city with a facade-like glaze of a TV-show set. How could any self-respecting New Yorker hang out there? Now that the bar Good World is in the film, it looks like Lower East-Packing and Chinatown are neck-and-neck for the next douchey makeover.

2. Julia Allison
Or at least the cult of Julia Allison, where women spend every waking second thinking about whom and how they should date—and reading Julia Allison. (Granted, we completely facilitate this, but still.) It's these women who somehow find a way to respond to everything you say with a story about what some guy—inevitably pegged with a cute nickname—did or didn't do. When they're not listening to themselves talk, they’re listening to themselves type for their blog—for example,

3. The worst TV commercial ever
Four white, upper-middle class women—complete with the implicitly older, blond nympho—sit around a table at an outdoor bistro talking about men and shopping for Carmel car and limo service. Just watch it. We dare you not to cringe.

4. Cougars
We're not saying Samantha Jones should've gotten married, but we bet a lot of recently divorced trophy wives have a Sex and the City DVD, and so do the investment bankers and Ivy League students they hit on. There will always be older women who head out to Columbus Circle in figure-skater outfits to get laid, but SATC made "cougar bars" a commercial success and turned MILFs into a checklist item for boast-seeking 20-year-olds. Mrs. Robinson has become Stifler's mom. And in order to stay in touch with your sexuality, you apparently need to carry a "rabbit" in your purse and blow the UPS guy.