How we learned to stop worrying and love January

Winter? I hardly know ’er! Chase your cold-weather blues away with our handy winter survival guide.

Otto's Shrunken Head

Otto's Shrunken Head Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

Hey, you there, shivering and weeping softly: You’re not alone. We’re feeling the January doldrums too—particularly in the wake of last week’s tease of a warm spell. But we’re not gonna take this winter lying down, and neither should you. In our winter survival guide, you’ll find 50 ways to flip this sucky weather the bird, whether by holing up with a good TV show or tricking yourself into believing it’s the middle of July. For that understimulated brain of yours, we’ve got lists of classes to keep you busy, museums to spend the day at and events to lift your spirits. And if the cold gets to be too much, dip into a hot pool to get that circulation going. And cheer up, friend—March is just around the corner.