I Heart NY the slide show

How do we love NY? Let us count the ways.

  • The shot glass

  • The ash tray

  • The heart-shaped keychain

  • The pin

  • The sparkly refrigerator clip

  • The luggage tag

  • The coin purse

  • The deck of cards

  • The mints

  • The golf ball

  • The plastic bracelet

  • The mousepad

  • The oven mitt

  • The bib

  • The lighter

  • The gift bag

  • Photograph: Courtesy LEGO

    I Love NY LEGO man

    The LEGO man

  • 838.twny.iheartny

    The taxi receipt

  • 837.twny_.iheartnybond

    The perfume

The shot glass

When Milton Glaser scribbled down I Heart NY on paper in 1976, he probably didn't imagine that his logo would blanket the Big Apple 25 years later. The iconic image can be seen everywhere from T-shirts to taxicab receipts. Click through our slide show of images for a survey of items that confess their love for the NYC.