If you think Brooklynites only wear plaid, think again

A laundry service tabulated the most common pattern in Kings County from over 10,000 pounds of dirty clothes; here are the results

Photograph: Dreamyshade/Wikimedia Commons

Brooklynites get a lot of flak for their ironic mustaches, skinny jeans and ubiquitous plaid shirts—so Refinery29 decided to investigate how valid the stereotypes are. They got laundry service FlyCleaners to look at 10,000 pounds of dirty clothes and assess what those oft-mocked Kings County residents actually wear. Turns out plaid isn't the reigning pattern. However, stripes! Very popular. They also found that white and gray outranked black, and that dress shirts were a more common clothing item than skinny jeans (which makes sense—you can get away with owning a whole lot fewer pants than tops).

The results are amusing, but we need more data if we're going to stereotype a whole borough. Refinery29, bring on the stats—and then we can draw our conclusions about Brooklyn once and for all.

(h/t Refinery29)

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