Improv Everywhere reenacted Indiana Jones IRL (video)

Watch a giant boulder chase down Indy in Central Park as part of the pranksters' latest stunt for their "Movies in Real Life" series.

Improv Everywhere takes on Indiana Jones

Improv Everywhere takes on Indiana Jones Still courtesy Improv Everywhere

Check out the second installment of "Movies in Real Life," in which the jokesters from Improv Everywhere re-create a seminal movie moment in front of unsuspecting bystanders. A new episode airs every Tuesday this fall via the group's YouTube channel, and yesterday the merry pranksters released a clip featuring their take on Indiana Jones—in Central Park.

See the iconically attired Indy—fedora, dark leather jacket et al.—grab the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark and race through the park, as a giant boulder (with legs) chases him—and unsuspecting New Yorkers take video with their smartphones. The clip ends with Jones trying to return the idol to the American Museum of Natural History, to the general befuddlement of those around him.

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