Improv Everywhere turns a Greenpoint bar into an 1860s drinking den (video)

The group's latest stunt pranks a pair of unsuspecting patrons.

Photograph: Courtesy Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere—the group responsible for storming a beach in formal wear, hosting a talk show in a train car and organizing the annual No Pants Subway Ride—recently pranked a pair of unsuspecting bar patrons by transporting a Greenpoint drinkery to the 1860s.

The Black Rabbit, already a fairly old-timey place, was outfitted with candle lighting, a retro cash register and, perhaps the biggest tip-off, 12-cent beers. (The whole thing was a promo for the BBC America series Copper, which returns on June 23.) A cast of actors dressed in vintage garb kept up the charade and staged a mock bar fight. Then again, so many New York bars aim for a 19th-century vibe that the whole thing might not have seemed so unusual.