Improve Subway: One man's quest to spruce up NYC's public transit

A graphic and UX designer launches a Tumblr chock full of creative upgrades to the beleaguered metro.

Improve Subway: staircase directionals

Improve Subway: staircase directionals Graphic: Randy Gregory

As we pointed out in our reasons why NYC is the greatest city in the world issue, there's a lot to love about New York City's subway system. But there are quite a few reasons to hate it, too: unexplained delays, stations that reek of fish guts or trash, poor temperature regulation.… You catch our drift.

While most of us are content to putter along and accept the status quo, graphic and UX designer Randy Gregory has put together a Tumblr site dedicated to his ideas for improving life underground. His wish list ranges from brilliant (USB ports for charging mobile devices? Yes, please!) to hilarious (smell detectors to indicate how smelly a car is) to totally unnecessary (I could do without screens showing Hollywood movie trailers, but maybe that's just me).

Of course, Gregory acknowledges that these suggestions would require tough-to-come-by funding and technology, but hey, it's nice to dream, right? With that in mind, we want to know what's on your MTA wish list. Tell us the No. 1 thing you'd like to have implemented by tweeting us at @timeoutnewyork.