"Indoor Bike Parking Solutions for NYC"

By Alice Park

If you could lock your bike inside your office, would you be more inclined to ride to work? Transportation and cycling experts discuss the issue at this panel, cosponsored by Bike New York and the Museum of the City of New York’s “Growing and Greening New York: PlaNYC and the Future of the City” exhibit. The talk is preceded by the unveiling of two snazzy indoor bike-parking proposals, selected from more than 700 entries. Check out them racks!

Tether and Groove

“Tether and Groove” by Brian Ripel and George Showman, RSVP Architecture Studio

Re-cycled: “In the back of our minds was the amazing sculpture Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei. Our goal was to mine the beauty of bicycles as objects by creating a simple and ordered storage system.”A fixer-upper: “Since wall configurations can change, the ceiling becomes the most logical site. Adjustable hooks accommodate different bike sizes. We stabilize the bottom of the bike with a groove in the floor. Finally, we lift them partially off the floor using bungee cords to help pack the bikes more tightly together.”

In-Building Parking Facility

“In-Building Parking Facility” by Anthony Lau and Jessica Lee, Cyclehoop

Tour de Rants: “It all began when I had my bike stolen: It was locked to a signpost and the thief lifted it over the top. Plus, the design of cycle parking is often an afterthought in a building. As a cyclist, you would normally have to store your bike in some dark, dingy room hidden in the back.”High times: “One of our inspirations was the bike shop, or car showroom—we wanted to maximize capacity, but also to create a space and a system of racks that looked good, and made the bikes the center of attention.”

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