Infographic: Compare roommates by neighborhood in Manhattan

Indulge in a little neighborhood stereotyping and compare the folks you’re likely to share an apartment with in the East Village, Harlem and more

How to deal with bad roommates without throwing down

How to deal with bad roommates without throwing down

Ah, roommates—few things grate on the soul like a bad one, yet they're totally unavoidable in a city where the monthly rent for most one-bedrooms costs more than buying a used car. Here's a novel idea: Instead of choosing what neighborhood to live in based on what neighborhood you, um, like, maybe you should tailor that decision on what roommate you're most likely to end up with?

To that end, rental site Apartment List—which describes itself as "Tinder for roommates"—has put together this delightful infographic on roommate stereotypes by neighborhood. It starts with some hard data, comparing rents on one- and two-bedrooms to show how much you can save by splitting your pad; for instance, you'll save $925 every month by sharing a two-bedroom in Soho instead of splurging on a one-bedroom all by your lonesome self, and those monthly savings rise to $1,548 if you reside in Tribeca.

From there on, things get a little more fun. (We're not sure how scientific these facts are, but the infographic's creators sure got those neighborhood stereotypes down to a T.) How do residents spend the hard-earned cash they save from sharing their abode? The Lower East Side roomie who saves $750 a month by shacking up with a pal can indulge in 57 basil-lime gimlets from the Stanton Social. The typical Harlemite, who saves $545 per month by renting a two-bedroom, can spend those savings on 60 orders of fried green tomatoes at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que—which she can chow down on while lamenting, "We sure could use some Citi Bike docks up here."

Check out the infographic for more Manhattan neighborhood stats and stereotypes, from the Financial District all the way up to Inwood. For a version of the image you can zoom into, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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