Infographic: How much can you save on rent by shacking up?

A cool new data project from Trulia determines how much dough you’d save by moving in with your S.O.

There's nothing like a soul-crushing monthly rent check to put some real oomph into a courtship. Rental-listings site Trulia has pulled some stats from its massive trove of apartment data to determine exactly how much you'd save by trading in your solo pad for a shared pad with your significant other.

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You've probably already realized that you could pay half as much rent if you and your boo traded in separate one-bedrooms for a shared unit. But even if you upgraded to a two-bedroom (home office, massive closet, guest room, anyone?), you still stand to set aside some dough. Renting a two-bedroom apartment is 35 percent cheaper than paying for two one-bedroom apartments across the country; naturally, those savings are smaller in the New York metro area, where rents are much higher than the national average. Even so, you and your SO could pay 28 percent less by living together in a two-bedroom; if you have your heart set on a three-bedroom, though, you'd shell out two percent more in rent.

A few notes on Trulia's methodology: The company used median rents to calculate these cost trade-offs, comparing units in the same building to make sure the numbers weren't skewed by the neighborhood, amenities or other factors.

Check out the below infographics for more; the first illustrates the national-average savings from living together, while the second shows the savings by major American city.

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