Infographic: New York vs. London coffee war

New Yorkers drink 6.7 times as much coffee as people who live in other major cities, and other fun java facts

Toby's Estate Coffee

Toby's Estate Coffee Photograph: Alex Strada

While Italy and Morocco come to mind when one thinks of good coffee, the folks at coffeemaker company Tassimo have taken it upon themselves to be the harbingers of a coming caffeine war between New York City and London. They analyzed the caffeine consumption habits of the Big Apple and the Big Smoke, providing tidbits of information about how much money New Yorkers and Londoners spend on coffee, as well as how many coffeeshops caffeinate the streets every day.

While a higher percentage of Londoners drink coffee on a daily basis, New Yorkers consume more cups every day, and we also have more coffeeshops. Tassimo also found that Gothamites drink 6.7 times as much coffee as people who live in other major cities—and we spend three times the national average on the brown stuff. Scroll down for more on the hard-working, wide-eyed denizens of NYC and London. Who do you think will win the coffee war of 2014?

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