Inside the Fort Greene loft of Doug Crowell, owner of Buttermilk Channel

  • Photographs: Dan Hallman

Photographs: Dan Hallman

“The white tiger technically belongs to my daughter, who is seven. It’s the first thing she ever bought with her allowance; she bought it at Walgreens. That tiger takes up a lot of our living room. Its name is Striper.”

“That’s a fennec fox. She got that from the zoo; she’s a fan of little furry animals. I sort of promised her that I would put them in the picture. I mean, they’re always in my living room.”

“The brass pineapple came from my grandparents’ house. When my grandmother passed away and they divided up all the stuff, I said I want that. It’s just something I remember from being a kid; it was always in their living room, filled with matchbooks. The top comes off and it’s just a vessel. I have nothing in there, I haven’t come up with anything good enough. We still have some of her old matchbooks in there.”

“[Our design] is eclectic. We’ve got some nice things that my wife’s parents have given us and that’s one of them. They found that in a barn, like, 30 years ago and they refinished it themselves. They claim that when they were there purchasing it, a goat pissed on it. It sounds a little apocryphal to me.”

“We have an all-American wine list at Buttermilk Channel, so I tend to drink wines that are not American when I’m at home. So there’s a lot of French and Italian stuff there. Monday is my day off—so Monday night is dinner and wine at home.”

Buttermilk Channel 524 Court St (at Huntington St), Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 718-852-8490

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