Inside the UWS bathroom of cabaret diva comedian Bridget Everett

  • Photographs: Dan Hallman

Photographs: Dan Hallman

“This is where I do most of my writing. I sit in the tub with a cup of coffee and tell myself stories. Literally. I mean, not out loud, but in my head.”

“That’s a bottle of chardonnay from the opening night of my show At Least It’s Pink. I’ve never opened it. And that’s saying something. That show was in 2007.”

“The woman with the straw attached to her boob is Amanda Lepore. My roommate Jon Jon Battles is a DJ and works with David LaChapelle a lot. This is a portrait that he shot. And the man in the boxer shorts is a painting by my old roommate, Mary Catherine Garrison. She’s an actress starring in Lend Me a Tenor on Broadway.”

“I stole that crucifix from the Zipper Theater right before it closed. I don’t believe in God, but I loved the Zipper. A lot of crazy shit went down at that theater.”

“That Barbie head is from a show I did at Joe’s Pub. I performed with a couple little girls, and one of them bit that Barbie head off and spit it into the crowd. A precious moment, and I’ve got the head to remind me of it.”

Everett hosts Our Hit Parade every month at Joe’s Pub. Next shows: Mar 24, Apr 28. Her solo show, We’ve Got Tonight, is at Joe’s Pub on May 4.

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