Interactive map plots real-time locations of all Bus Time buses

Though still a work-in-progress, the map pinpoints the whereabouts of all the Bus Time buses at once.

Waiting for a bus can be a bit of a drag, especially now that so many of us have been spoiled by subway countdown clocks and the like. Luckily, the MTA's been rolling out Bus Time, which reveals the real-time locations of buses for riders; and now, the Internet's gone and made a handy interactive map for commuters to keep track of where their rides are.

Animal New York scooped the map off of Reddit; created by user named transitmaps, the map utilizes the MTA's data to plot the location of each bus that's gotten the Bus Time treatment thus far, showing all the routes in the city at once.

The map is still a work-in-progress, and a visit to the site elicits a plea for donations, but when it does eventually get off the ground, it's bound to be pretty useful for anyone impatiently wondering where the heck the B61 might be, and if there's a faster way to hike up to Smith Street.

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